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4.2 You Did It!: Discussion


Throughout your journey, you’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow in your courses and you have networked with classmates and instructors. In this discussion, you will reflect on and share with your classmates some of the more significant and memorable learning experiences during your degree program.
Watch the video:Reflective Writing—A Very Brief Guide(1:46), VCC Baking & Pastry Arts, 2013.
After watching the video, discuss your thoughts on some of the questions below.

  • Explain how your perspective of the entertainment industry has changed. Describe the evolution in your thinking as you’ve made the transition from being a fan to being an industry professional.
  • Describe some things that you have learned during your program that have surprised you about the entertainment industry.
  • Discuss the skills you have learned and/or developed over the course of your program. Which ones can be most directly applied to your chosen profession?
  • Describe some projects you worked on that helped you to develop a better understanding or appreciation of the entertainment industry.
  • In what ways has earning a degree helped you to develop problem-solving skills?
  • What are the most important ways this degree will benefit you in your personal and professional life?


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