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>Marketing homework help. In this assignment you are asked to author a self-reflexive journal about how the culture you are immersed in affects you. This requires you to examine your daily routines in a new light, adopting the point of view of a foreigner for whom many of your actions and words would be puzzling.
As you live your normal everyday life, try to make notes (mental or otherwise) of any normal actions, expressions, and habits that would be strange, maybe even inappropriate, to someone not familiar with American culture. As a goal, try to make one of these notes a day.
Periodically (I recommend weekly but the minimum frequency due will be approximately every other week), write your notes and reflections down on a Google doc or word document. The journal entries are the periodic summary of your normal life experience, and thus should not be hard to create. The difficult part is the switch in mindset!
That’s it! Your cultural journal has five separate submissions due throughout the course. As your submission, upload your same Google doc link each time, or upload a new word document each time.
The format of this assignment can be very informal and relatively unstructured (like a real journal), but you will be graded on your ability to recognize your own culture’s influence over your life. Bullet points format is acceptable, but full sentences and some depth of explanation is required.
Share your journal entry here.

>Marketing homework help


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