Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.

In week 3 you completed Research Paper Part 1 which included your introduction, references, and paper outline. Review the feedback you received from your instructor on Research Paper Part 1 before completing Research Paper Part 2. Before submitting your research paper, review the grading rubric below to gain a full understanding of the requirements for the assignment.
Your assignment is to write a 1250-1800 words paper on your chosen topic, from Week Three, Final Research Paper Part I. You are expected to cite at least five reputable, scholarly sources (outside of the course text) in supporting your thesis on your chosen topic.
Please follow these Guidelines:

  1. Use MLA format for your documentation and paper formatting (use one or the other style, but be sure you use it correctly and consistently throughout your paper.
  2. Cite, quote and paraphrase ethically and correctly. No more than 5% of your paper may be made up of quoted material.
  3. Include examples of art works to support your analysis. If you would like to include images in your paper, they must be properly captioned and cited.
  4. Use the art elements and design principles vocabulary in your writing.
  5. Submit your paper as an attachment in MS Word format. Click on the “Week Four Assignment – Final Research Paper Part II” link above to submit your assignment and have it filtered through Safe Assign.
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Marketing homework help


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