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Assignment Title Individual Case study analysis
Procedure for or where to submit work (including file name format for TurnItIn where applicable) ·    Submit the assignment to the instructor through College email by the deadline date
·    Use the file name specified by the instructor for the assignment (normally your name course number) [Mustafa MKT570]
·    Provide a printed copy in class by the deadline date
·    College policy requires instructors to process all written assignments through TurnItIn
·    One mark is deducted for each calendar day of late submission
Expected Return Date 10 May 2020
Description of
Assignment Task
Prepare Individual Case Study Analysis of the Case: BMW- MINI Cooper
To conduct the Case Analysis please discuss the following issues
1. BMW- current state of the Business (as of case study time)
2. Main Issues/problems faced in the case study
3. SWOT analysis in details where you have to give insights on each SWOT factors
4. How the BMW is dealing with the issues/problems
5. What are your strategies recommendations for BMW-MINI cooper brand in the area of competing with competitors, segmentation,  advertising/advertising agency decisons/ and any alternative business/marketing decisions
6. Conclusion
7. Make a presentation of your analysis
Course Learning Outcomes Assessed  
Word or Page Limit  3-4 pages  (excluding Reference list)
Presentation Format
(e.g. MS Word document)
Typed in 12 font size and font style Times New Roman. All your text/heading/subheading must be in same 12 font size and the font style must be times New Roman.
Resources and Support Available College library, internet newspapers, magazines, or other reference sources.

BMW Group is a multiproduct manufacturing organization. It is into, automobiles, motorcycles, financial services, rovers etc. It has large market share in America. It is a global company with 28% of its market is in North America, 25% of its market is in Germany, 21% in rest of the Europe and its products are sold in Asian regions as well. Its flagship product is automobiles which constitutes 68% of its sales. As per the given information, the new car MINI needs to be launched by the BMW Group in market with the help of an advertising agency. The selection of an advertising agency is a key point to be taken care of here because it will be responsible for the successful launch of the MINI motor in the market. The car to be launched is having specific special features and is economical as well, that’s why the company people say ‘far more room in far less space. It is also called as “Wizardry on Wheels”. It has been specially designed for providing more space to those who use it. Its launch needs to be highly effective then only the sales for the new product will increase. The company in the past years did publicity with the help of print advertisements in magazines, mobile advertisements etc. Its print advertisements have design specifications as well for the car. The unit sales have been increasing for the product every year from the year 2002. There is an increasing trend in the units sold for MINI over the period of four years. Even, the accumulated sales increased due to this for the same period of four years. There is further expectation of growth and better performance in future.
As per the existing economic conditions of USA, we can notice that there have been continuous increases in the total advertising expenditures across the country. This increase is quite steep. But the overall constitution of the advertisement expenses in total has been reducing in terms of the comparison to its percentage in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The percentage changes in the advertising expenses in the USA have been high as compared to the percentage changes in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. In 1999, the Classic Mini ceased production and then the new MINI and MINI Cooper were unveiled to the public in a show of passion and immortality. The features of the MINI Cooper “Coop” as a crime fighting, action star and the brand is all about “fun, adventure, and mobility.” BMW plans to hire a new advertising agency for the promotion of its new model car MINI. For this purpose, the company needs to follow certain steps then only it will be able to select the best advertising agency out the available alternates of the agencies. It needs to select a pool of advertising agencies, and then ask them to give their presentations and shortlist and screen them on various bases at different stages. Cost and benefit analysis of selecting a new advertising agency should be done properly.


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