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Marketing homework help.

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Case Study 1
BB Manufacturing Company SAOG is a known company in the production and distribution of cookware’s. At present the production facilities of the company are based in Sohar. The company, over the years, had developed its brand and created a market for its products. The company is planning to expand its business activities. The expansion requires additional investment of RO500,000 for developing a manufacturing unit in Muscat. The management asked the financial manager to prepare a detailed report about the feasibility of developing a manufacturing unit.
The total issued capital of the company is RO1000,000. The liabilities of the company include a term loan of RO400,000 which is taken to finance the construction of stores in Muscat, Salalah and Sohar. Over the last few years, the company has created retained earnings of RO300,000 which is reserved for future investment purpose. During the current year, the total profit after tax generated by the company is RO120,000. The company hasn’t decided on whether to retain the profit or distribute it to the shareholders. The management asked the financial manager about this issue. If the company didn’t distribute the profit to shareholders, they won’t be happy. But at the same time, there is an investment requirement for which the company requires an additional investment.
Based on the above case, answer the following;
(Minimum word count for Case Study is 200 Words)
Question No. 1
Refer to the case, Explain the different principles of finance. (While explaining the principles of finance, you are also expected to provide recommendations to the finance manager on how to make each decisions).

  • Marks

Question No. 2
It is mentioned in the case that the company require RO500,000 for the expansion program. The Board of Directors informed that the company can either issue additional capital (equity shares) or bonds (interest rate 6%) with a maturity of 10 years.
If you are the finance manager in the company, which of these two options will you select? Justify your answer. (In the answer, you are also required to examine the features of both these financing options available for the company)
5 Marks
Case Study 2
Financial institutions intermediate the flow of funds, by raising funds from the surplus units and allocating it to the deficit units for productive purpose. The financial institutions include both banking and non-banking institutions. The below mentioned statement explains the requirements of investors, savers and borrowers.
Ahmed, an employee working in Omantel, saves RO350 every month from his salary. He wants to invest it for a long-term period. His requirement is to maximize the return. He is a moderate risk taker.
Saeed, a lecturer working in College of Technology, wants to invest RO10,000 in the share market. He doesn’t carry any experience dealing with securities. He is interested to invest his money in a group of securities, so that the risk is shared.
Aisha, a teacher in Ministry of Education, wants to invest RO10,000. She doesn’t prefer to deposit it in the bank, neither she has any interest in the capital market. She felt that her investment should give her a decent return, and she fears taking risk in the investment.
Zamzam wants to receive RO25,000 after five years. When she enquired with the bank, it was informed that bank provides 5% on deposits per annum.
Based on the above case, answer the following;
(Minimum word count for Case Study is 200 Words)
Question No. 3

  • According to you, which is the best option for investment for Ahmed. Justify your answer with relevant information from the case and theory.
  • According to you, which is the best option for investment for Saeed. Justify your answer with relevant information from the case and theory.

3 Marks
2 Marks
Question No. 4

  • According to you, which is the best option for investment for Aisha. Justify your answer with relevant information from the case and theory.
  • How much does Zamsam deposit today, to receive RO25,000 after five years?
  • Classify the various investment avenues based on risk and return.
  • Marks
  • Marks

1 Marks
Case Study 3
The world is moving towards a financial crisis. The COVID 19 virus has affected almost all economies in the world. The oil prices were significantly affected. Lockdown of activities and restricting the travels of citizens to avoid spread of the virus, the commercial activities are also affected. In order to withstand the pressures of the financial crisis and to encourage the business, the government has decided to lower the rate of interest, so that business can finance their activities by taking loans from the market. However, the government is also facing short of funds to finance their various activities.
The shortage of funds also poses issues for corporate organizations. Some of the financial requirements for which they require short term funds include payment of salaries, working capital requirements, adjusting the temporary shortfall in the revenue etc.,
Based on the above scenario, answer the following;
(Minimum word count for Case Study is 200 Words)
Question No. 5
Assume that, there are two options available for the government to fund their short-term financial requirements. The first option is to issue treasury bill, and the second option is to take a loan from World Bank.

  • The government has issued a treasury bill for OMR99.400, which carries a par value of OMR 100, for 182 days.
  • The World Bank charges 4% interest on loans.

Calculate The yield on treasury bill. Which option do you recommend? Justify your answer.
Question No. 6
COVID 19 outbreak has created financial problems for the corporate sector as well. As mentioned, the corporate sector is finding difficulty in managing their day to day operations because of lack of funds. Suggest the sources from which the corporates can borrow funds or finance their short-term requirements. According to you, which is the best financing source? Justify the reason for selection.
5 Marks
Case Study 4
It was during the on the job training in Bank Muscat that Ahmed met with four of his friends. They came to bank for different purpose.
Asim, who studied with Ahmed during school days, is a businessman now. He started a mobile spare part shop. He buys spare parts regularly from China and sells it in Oman. He wishes to start an account in the bank for his business purpose.
Munir, another friend of Ahmed from school days, is a teacher now. He prefers to save RO10,000 for two years, that can provide additional yield/income.
Moemin, who studied with Ahmed in the college, is a businessman as well. He already has an account in the bank for his business. At present, he wants to start another account which will allow him to take a temporary loan from the bank.
Saeed, who studied with Ahmed in the college, is currently owned a shopping complex. His purpose of visit was to open an account in which he wants to deposit regularly. He wishes to make use of this deposit after few years.
Based on the above scenario, answer the following questions.
Question No. 7

  • If you are in place of Ahmed, which type of account/services will you prefer for each of his friends (Asim, Munir, Moemin and Saeed). Provide justification for each.
  • What are the additional facilities/services that you can offer to Asim and Moemin in addition to the deposit accounts? Justify your answer.

Question No. 8

  • Al Nawa Manufacturing Company plans to invest its surplus funds. Different options are available. The company can either deposit the money in bank of purchase bonds that carries different maturities. At present, the bank is providing an interest rate of 7%. If the company invests RO300,000 in the bank account for five years, how much amount can they receive at the end of five years? (Show the calculation)
  • The second option available for AlNawa Company is to buy bonds. At present, RO400,000 face value bond issued MHD Company has a coupon rate of 8%, with interest paid semi-annually, and matures in 10 years. If the bond is priced to yield 7%,
  • Marks

What is the bond’s value today? Would you recommend buying the bond for a premium?

  • Marks

Question No. 9

  • Mazoon Diary Products Company sold RO500,000 face value, commercial paper, for RO499,750, for 100 days. Calculate the yield on Commercial Paper.
  • Asim invested RO20,000 in a bank account that provides 7% interest pa. Assume that the rate of inflation is 3.5%, calculate the real interest rate of return on investment. If Asim invests the deposit for one year, calculate how much will be the real return on investment.

3 Marks
2 Marks
Case Study 6
Money market offers short term securities. They are not accessible to individual investors as mostly trade occurs in large denominations. They are also called fixed income markets. Based on the knowledge gained from the course, you are required to answer the following questions.
Question No. 10

  • Suppose you are an individual investor and wish to invest in money market, what are the options available for investment? Briefly explain.
  • Briefly explain the REPO and Reverse REPO as tools for open market operations. How does it influence the money supply in the market?
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