Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. While you are learning a lot from the team project interviewing a “successful marketing professional”, it’s time to build on the inspiration you get from this team project, and plan for your own professional career!
Use approximately 5 double spaced pages, create a concrete and thoughtful marketing plan “blueprint” for the professional brand of your SELF. You will address the tasks at the end of each chapter in the TEXTBOOK -“Marketing Plan Exercise” to market yourself as an up and coming professional in an industry or a field of your choice. Typically a couple of paragraphs addressing each aspect in the chapter tasks are expected. Out of the 14 chapters, we selected 9 of them that are most critical for a self-marketing plan at this point of your career (see the following rubric). These 9 key aspects (as well as their corresponding chapters in the course packet) are listed in the following rubric that will be used in evaluating the strength of your self-marketing plan. Your thoughtful reflections and concrete actions you plan to take in the future, should be thoroughly presented in your final write-up of this “Self-Marketing Blueprint Project”.
Following the 9 key aspects in writing your “self-marketing” paper, refer to the corresponding chapters and the “Marketing Plan Exercise” at the end of chapter, for further reference (Note: the textbook “marketing plan exercise” instructions is for reference only, as the questions and issues may not be directly relevant to everyone). Throughout the term, you are encouraged to set an appointment with the instructor during designated hours in the office, to share ideas, brainstorm and get feedback.
Submit your “self-marketing plan” paper as Microsoft Word.
Total points possible for this assignment: 60 points (15%).
Grading Rubric

SCORING (1 = poor, 5 = excellent)
1-Setting marketing objectives (ref. ch1) 1         2         3         4          5
2-SWOT analysis of self situation (ref. ch2) 1         2         3         4          5
3-Market summary and self assessment (ref. ch3) 1         2         3         4          5
4-Self value: elevator pitch, positioning statement
(ref. ch6 &7)
1         2         3         4          5
5-Promotion, distribution, pricing considerations (ref. ch8 &9 & 10) 1         2         3         4          5
6-Brand building actions (ref. ch11) 1         2         3         4          5
7-Relationship building strategies (ch12) 1         2         3         4          5
8-Social responsibility awareness (ref. ch13) 1         2         3         4          5
9-Professional career objectives/measures (1-3-5 years) (ref. ch14) 1         2         3         4          5
10-Overall self-marketing plan quality (writing mechanics, organization, packaging, etc.) 1         2         3         4          5
             TOTAL  _________ out of 30 raw points
 _________ out of 60 points (converted to syllabus grade)   


Marketing homework help


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