Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.                        

Read each question carefully. Answer each question completely. Blank responses are worth 0 points. Intelligent/partial responses are usually worth more than zero points…so don’t skip anything. Good luck!
  1. Consider the company Bob’s Red Mill. What is their single biggest strength? Is it a sustainable, competitive advantage? Why/why not?


  1. Consider the company Bob’s Red Mill. There are four overarching strategies that focus on the marketing mix:
    • Customer excellence
    • Operational excellence
    • Product excellence
    • Locational excellence

Which ONE of these four strategies is MOST used by the Bob’s Red Mill? Explain your answer.

  1. Consider the following Social Media post from Bob’s Red Mill.

Which one of the 4e Social Media Framework steps is this example most addressing? Explain your answer.

  1. Consider Bob’s Red Mill’s Organic Coconut Flour. Select one of the six macroenvironmental factors of the environmental scan. Provide exactly one statistic or trend that could impact this industry/market. Be specific. How does this specific statistic or trend impact this specific company/product? Why? (Don’t forget to cite your source!)


  1. Describe the need Bob’s Red Millis addressing with Organic Coconut Flour.What is the company doing to stimulate need recognition for this product? Provide a screenshot as a visual example and explain how it stimulates need recognition.


  1. Consider Bob’s Red Mill’s Organic Coconut Flour. Name and describe a hypothetical, but realistic B2B customer for this product. Explain how (and why) each part of the marketing mix may be different for this B2B customer (vs. a B2C customer).


  1. Identify and describe the ONE specific factorthat you think will have the most influence the Bob’s Red Mill consumer’s decision making. Justify your response.What can Bob’s Red Mill do (from a marketing perspective) to take advantage of or mitigate this factor? (Apply course concepts).


Make it easy for me to know which question you’re answering. All assignments should be submitted as Microsoft Office compatible documents. Use double-spacing and a size 12 font with one-inch margins. Don’t worry about page length or word count…focus on the assignment deliverables, course concepts, relevant research, and supporting materials.
All sourced content should be properly cited. This includes inline citation and a works cited section. Use APA or MLA please.


Marketing homework help


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