Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. Final-Term Group Project
Students must form a group to work on the following course project. The final-term project is a marketing project on brand preference. Select a specific brand. Brand preference is choosing a specific product or service when you have other equally priced and available options. Students will apply marketing tools and methods to effectively conduct and analyze data collected based on consumer behavior.
Each group will accomplish the following;
1.Definethe purpose of this market study.
2.Definethe population, the sample size (n), and sampling method.
3.Design a questionnaire/survey instrument that achieves the objective(s) of the study.
4.Collect, analyze the data, and present the results
Stage 1(Introduction)
1.Provide a brief history on the company brand (Including some background on the specific product).
2.Describe the company’s objectives and core marketing strategies.
3.Define the purpose of your research and describe the population, sample method, size, and objective(s)of the study.
The sample size should be sufficiently large with at least 50participants. The greater the (n), the more credible the results will be as patterns begin to merge
Stage 2(Data Collection)
1.Data collection: Each group will collect primary data through they designed to meet the objectives of the study. Every group will survey a minimum of 50people who are familiar with the particular product. The question design will focus on identifying essential consumer elements that make a consumer choose one brand over the other.
Provide at least five questions in your survey
Stage 3(Conclusion)
1.Analysis: Analyze the results. Look for patterns and associations. What conclusion might you be able to conclude?
2.Findings: Present the results. You may utilize pie charts, graphs, tables, etc.
3.Conclusion: Based on your survey questionnaire, what can you conclude about consumer behavior and their decision making? What marketing strategies do you recommend that the company employ to build brand preference

Marketing homework help


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