Marketing homework help

  1. Non- Profit Organization outside Oman (International Setting): WHO, UNESCO, United Nations
  • Write a report of not less than 3,000 words excluding the appendixes and reference pages.
  • Use Arial Font and size is 12. The margin is preferably: Normal


  • It includes the evolution, history of selected Non-profit Organization, and other significant information.
  • Company Profile and Background, location.
  • The Vision, Mission and Goals of the organization.
  • List of Companies of clients they have assisted in the past years.
  1. Types of Services Offered:

It presents the detailed description of services.
III. Requirements on how to be a member of the Organization.

  1. Requirements on how clients can avail the services.
  2. Conclusion
  3. Recommendation- -Recommendation to Members
  4. Photo-documentation (logos, images of Capital)

VII.   Bibliography and References


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