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  1. Class briefs: Individual assignment: Undergraduates do two. When your letter appears beside a class date, you have this assignment due. The assignment is to look back at the previous week’s video materials and reflect on what was discussed in those materials. So if you have are week 3 due date, you are reviewing the materials in week 2. Please do the assignment using the following format. Follow the headings as shown, use the headings in your brief. We will be sharing these briefs with the class so be impressive. Again, each section is separate, use headings, follow this format:

Class Brief Format:
Your name at top left
Graduate or undergraduate student
Group letter
Date/week due

  1. Review: Do your best to summarize what you feel are the most important elements of the materials and videos you studied from the week before. For speakers, mention their names. Sometimes there will be one speaker, sometimes more. Write about what you consider the major points of what you learned during the previous session. Make sure you address how this material relates directly or indirectly to what you have heard before or in your personal knowledge. This should be in-depth so no less than 2 paragraphs.
  2. Concepts or words needing definition: As you review the materials, there will be words used that may be new to you. If you feel they are important to our study, see if you can offer a definition (usually found on-line, Wikipedia or otherwise). Undergraduates offer a minimum of 3 concepts, with their definitions. These words or concepts will become part of our cannabis glossary so we can all learn from them.
  3. Objective questions (multiple choice or t/f): We like to “crowd source” appropriate questions that could be used on the final exam. This is your opportunity to come up with what you think are important questions that pertain to cannabis. We will use the quality ones so make yours interesting and challenging. Create 3 or more questions. These are questions your classmates in Cannabis should be able to answer. Refer to a video speaker or article by name and then create a statement that have multiple answers for which only one is correct. Multiple choice means a statement followed by 4-5 alternative answers to choose from. Or, make a true/false question. Then GIVE YOUR ANSWER. No answer, no credit. These questions MUST relate to the material (name where you got it) you were reviewing above.

d. Article review: Find one or more article(s) that directly relate to the material in the week you reviewed. This is your opportunity to reach out and find more discussion on some of the material in the week’s review. You choose the subject. Look on-line for one or more substantive (more than one page, not a promotion by a company) article that gets into some of what was talked about in your Review, (a., above).
Do these three things:
1. Give the title and author
2. Give the URL link so we can look up the article.
3. Give a great summary of what the article is about, a couple of paragraphs at least.
4. Do at least one article to review.

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