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(A) First pick a sector in a foreign country (not the United States) and then show how one or more companies in the sector used 3 of the strategies from the list below. The strategies chosen should have been used within the last 5 to 10 years. The sector (or sub sector) chosen should have at least 3 major companies competing against each other. Please follow the suggested outline for the paper (shown below) and document all your research (citations & bibliography: APA Style).
(B) This paper will be graded for content, organization and analytical input
List of Possible Company or Sector Strategies for the Research Paper #1

  1. New        Listing on Stock Markets
  2. Privatization
  3. Outsourcing
  4. Diversification
  5. Differentiation
  6. Localization        or local responsiveness
  7. Standardization        or global approach
  8. Changing        the Top Management
  9. Entering new foreign markets: exporting,        acquisitions, licensing, FDI, alliances, joint venture, franchising (each        counts as one).
  10. Economies        of Scale Production
  1. Economies        of Scope
  2. Logistics/distribution        management
  3. Changing        company structure/design
  4. General        staffing or training strategy
  5. Using        or developing new technology
  6. Natural        resource/parts acquisition
  7. Managing        supplier relationships
  8. E-Commerce        Strategies
  9. New        promotion strategies
  10. New        pricing Strategies
  11. Contract        negotiation strategy
  12. Using        Network Relationships
  13. Other____________________

Suggested Outline for the Paper #1 (7-10 pages) 
I. Introduction (2 pages/ 1 ½ spacing) (Sector Analysis)
A.  General country background information (half page)
B.   General sector background: history, size, leaders, followers, challengers
C. Patterns of ownership: (Dispersed shareholder, founders, Family, State Owned (SOEs).
D.  Importance of the sector to the economy (employment etc.)
E. Key Developments in the sector during the period considered.
II. Strategy Exploration: for your 3 chosen strategies (1 page) (1 ½ spacing)
A. Strategy Definition: give an academic definition and explanation of each strategy.
B. Strategy Focus: describe BRIEFLY when & why you think each strategy was used.
III. Strategy Analysis: for your 3 chosen strategies (2-3 pages) (1 ½ spacing).
*** Stakeholder Relationship Analysis: 1. Customers  2. Employees 3. The local community 4. The government 5. Alliances  6. Competitors 7. Investors
Please put short descriptions in the STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS TABLE BELOW. These are brief descriptions of how the strategies impacted the groups or how the groups influenced strategy decisions.
(Below: include the Stakeholder Analysis Table in your paper!!)
Stakeholder Impact Analysis Table
(Impact on )
Strategy I
Strategy II
Strategy III
A.  Most Significant Stakeholder Relationships:
After you complete the table, please explain and analyze the most significant stakeholder impact situations.
B. Competitive Position Analysis (Overall): try to answer the following questions:
a. Was or will the companies or sector be better able to produce or deliver products or services after using these strategies? Explain.
b. Are there any significant weaknesses in the strategies used?
c. Any potential developments that could seriously change the outlook for the company or sector despite the strategies used?
IV. Conclusion (2-3 pages) (1 ½ spacing): 
A. How might the chosen strategies impact (or have impacted) long term economic growth, profitability or new business activity in the company or sector ?
B. What did you learn or find interesting in doing the paper?
C. What do you think of the general role of strategy in company or sector performance?


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