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Project ONE
ADVANTAGES of being Competitive & Addressing Environmental Changes

In 4 -5 pages written in  competent college level content regarding the topic of strategic marketing concepts, answer the two questions that compares competitive advantages like Walmart vs Amazon?
Top of Form
Bottom of FormThe concept of competitive advantage is probably the most important factor for any company. By competitive advantage, we mean the factors that differentiate a company from its competitors. Moreover, also important is whether a company’s competitive advantage is sustainable. By “sustainable” we mean whether a company will keep this advantage in the future or it will lose it.
Think of examples of 2 companies and try to identify their competitive advantage. Reflect on whether this competitive advantage is sustainable or the company is in danger of losing it in the future.

  • Environmental Change in four to five relevant pages, that are competent and stay on topic to fully answer the question completely and totally?

Bottom of Form
Reflect on changes in the world environment and how these changes may impact companies (by environment, we mean changes in the economy, social, technological, political, or legal changes.
Think of a change in one of these environments (economic, technological, political, or legal) and how that specific change has impacted a specific company? This impact could be positive or negative.


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