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You are a freelance web designer.  You are meeting a potential client for the very first time.
1. Your client doesn’t provide you with any clear vision or what his expectations are. What are some questions you can ask to get the information from him? Explain clearly why these questions would be useful and relevant.
2. Your client doesn’t tell you the budget for designing & developing the website. It is certainly of personal importance to you to gather that information.  What is a good way to get that information? Should you just simply ask him what budget he has in mind?
3. You are skilled at what you do. During the conversation your client says that he is considering taking the existing website and having you make it “sparkle”! He wants your opinion. What feedback will you give him? Be sure to be clear on what you share. Keep in mind that he has no web design training and that is why he is considering hiring you for the project.
4. As your conversation continues, you realize that he has not shared any goals with you. Is it important to you to know what they are? Why?
5.  You have a sense as the conversation progresses that he has an unrealistic deadline in mind for the project. What should you do about it?
6. You soon realize during the conversation that though your client has no web design training, he is going to tell you what to do! How do you manage him? Should you try or just apply what he says?


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