me Political Science homework help

me Political Science homework help. Write complete essays (stapled, typed and double-space of course) on the following:
At least one page per question, but feel free to write more. This assignment is due at our last class meeting. Please turn it in on time and plan on handing it in in person at the beginning of the class and staying for the last class.
Discuss interests groups, PACs, campaign finance laws and relevant court cases that are involved in the role of money in politics. Several potential presidential candidates have focused on “dangerous inequality” in our political system and the need for policies that help the non-wealthy, sometimes at the expense of the wealthy. Are these candidates correct? Explain.
The President of the United States is often rated on the basis of his ability to unify the nation around policies he would like to institute or change; respond to crises, domestic and foreign and his ability to assert his power in relation to the other branches of government (especially congress).
If you were elected President of the United States what policy issues would be addressed? Why are these important to you and the nation? What difficulties would you likely encounter for each issue (cultural, the power of your opponents, historical) in the current political climate? Are your goals realistic? Wporth political capital for you to pursue them? Choose 3 issues you address in your name here residency?
4. Discuss the constitutional roles of Congress. Are they being carried out effectively? Explain Use current examples

me Political Science homework help


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