Mechanical Engineering homework help

Mechanical Engineering homework help. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assignment Learning Outcomes ● MLO3. Describe the goal of AI and how it works. (LO2) ● MLO4. Explain the pros and cons of AI (LO9) Assignment Details After reading the information presented in this module and other sources, write an essay that addresses the following: 1. Identify two existing definitions of AI. Select the definition that you like the most and justify your choice. 2. What are two positive and two negative aspects of artificial intelligence. Provide an example of AI to illustrate your discussion. Deliverables Submit into Blackboard a WORD document with a cover page. The cover page should have the names and last names of group members listed in alphabetical order of the last name. Names should be listed exactly as they appear in Blackboard. If you are working in a group, submit only one time. The essay should be 2 to 3 pages long (do not count cover page or references page), double space font 11 or 12, font Arial or Calibri. Make sure you include a clear heading for each section of your paper. Use APA style for the references. For information about APA style, please refer to the topics of “citations” and “list of references” at erence_list_basic_rules.html

Mechanical Engineering homework help


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