Mechanical Engineering homework help

** Image shapes size in meters
Mobile robot – R= 0.35 (m) , L =0.7 (m)
Get X_s and X_g
Shortest way while avoid collision
Write python code that will print this image with the path colored ‘red’
Robotic hand “SCARA” will make cut of a shape
The cut table – 0.3 (m) from the floor
The hand base locates In the center of the robot
During the cut F force value 5 -15 (N)
Mass of one vertebral 1 (kg/m)
Knife mass 0.5 (KG)
1. Print image\ animation of the cutting shape using python
2. Scara robot sketch – length, mass , Moment of inertia
3. The working space of the robot in the yb-xb plane. The boundaries of the work surface for
reference should also be marked.
4. Kinematic model – direct kinematics, inverted kinematics and Jacobian
5. Dynamic model.
6. How to control – PD , computed torque etc….
Also, the following graphs should be presented and explained:
1. Track the edge of the knife in the y-x plane – preferably opposite.
2. The reaction of the joints as a function of time – preferably opposite.
3. The components of positioning the tip of the knife as a function of time – preferably in front.
4. Position the tip of the knife in the direction of z as a function of time, and for a number of
selected values of F. Can it be used
5. In uniform control constants for the entire power value range?
6. a torque / force graph in the motors as a function of time
7. Develop a creative addition as you like to work that will expand the task
Optional shapes:


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