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Watch the video to answer the question:

  1. Write about something you did this week(or month) that is a good example of the growth mindset. What did you do/say/think? Explain how the example is growth mindset.
  2. Write about something you did this week that was fixed minded. What did you do/say/think? Explain how you could have been more growth minded.
  3. Do you notice anyone in your life who is behaving in a fixed minded way? Describe what they are doing that is holding them back.
  4. We have learned about the Growth Mindset. What is a movie or TV character who is a great example of a growth mindset? Explain why.
  5. What is a song that has lyrics that are growth minded? Explain.
  6. If someone could help you get better at something, what would you want to get better at? Explain why you want to be good at this.

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