Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

1) Minimum 2 full pages  ( Part 1: 1 page; part 2: 1 page- Total 2 pages)
2)¨**********APA norms, please use headers
All paragraphs must be narrative and cited in the text- each paragraphs
            Bulleted responses are not accepted
            Can write in the first person.
Dont copy and pase the questions.
3) It will be verified by Turnitin and SafeAssign
4) Minimum 5 references not older than 5 years ( Part 1: 3 references (2 references about PICOT questions and  1 about a potential qualitative research study; Part 2: 2 references).
Part 1:
1) Qualitative research.
2) Locate and cite two different types of qualitative research articles related to your PICOT project.
My PICOT question is ‘will off springs of diabetic patients (P), undergoing thiazolidinedione therapy (I), benefit by not becoming diabetic (O) later in life (T)?’
3) Provide a brief explanation of each design.
4) Identify a potential qualitative research study that is important to nursing and describe
a) which design you would use for this study
b) why you would use that design
c) how the information generated from the study could be applied in nursing  practice.
5) Reflect on the value of qualitative research adding to the science, knowledge, and practice of nursing.
Part 2:
1)  Define the core functions of epidemiology.
2)  Select one of the epidemiologic core functions
a) provide an example of the how the core function might be demonstrated in clinical practice by a Masters prepared Registered Nurse.
b) Can you relate this or one of the other functions to an example or content in your text readings?

Nursing homework help


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