Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

Submit a proposal based on the Capstone proposal template.
complete the capstone proposal template. The template is designed to guide you through specific steps that will become the blueprint to follow for the rest of your project.
Project Title 
Write the name of your project: fall precaution on our 2B unit in a skilled rehab floor.
The aim of the project is to reduce the patient’s fall rate in the skilled nursing unit at an acute care facility through improving the fall precaution process. The unit consists of 48 bed with a population of stroke, medical, and surgical patients. The focus of the nursing staff education using handouts, brochures, and poster will be based on the results from pre and post intervention audits. The goal of this fall reduction project is to have the nursing staff learn, review, and apply fall prevention interventions for fall risk patients in order to help reduce fall rate by 5 percent within a five month period, from january2020 through june2020.
Project Description 
This should be a half page to a page detailed description of what exactly your project is.
Project Rationale 
Two to three paragraphs stating the need for, and justification of, selecting this project. Who will benefit and how will they benefit from this project (not including yourself)? What is the significance of the project, and how will it advance nursing science?
Personal/Professional Expectations 
Two to three paragraphs on what you hope to gain from this project, both professionally and personally.
Project Goals 
Succinctly describe the long-and short-term goals of your project. This may include a research question or hypothesis, depending upon the major objectives of the project.
Analysis of the Literature
Your proposal should also include a brief review of the existing research on your topic and a discussion comparing this research to your project focus. How will your proposed research meet the gaps in existing nursing knowledge? The proposal should address how you plan to review the existing literature, what sources you plan to use.
This is the major section of your proposal, and includes a step-by-step description of how you intend to carry out your project. It includes a discussion of how you intend to meet your goals, including resources you will need, where you intend to find them, and an estimated timeline of how long each step will take.
Half a page to a page on how your project is to be evaluated. Is your healthcare organization/academic setting going to evaluate it? How? Community evaluation? What specifically will make your project a success, both to you and to others?

Nursing homework help


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