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Your assignment this semester is to perform an analysis of one of the groups we have studied from the viewpoint of one or more of the theorists I have introduced this session. The material for your analysis is to be derived from the textbook, films, lectures, and independent research.
First, I want a brief, approximately half-page synopsis of the society, institution, culture, belief system, behavior on which you are going to focus. Next, I want you to analyze one piece of the political, social , economic, and cultural puzzle that is a society from one or two of the theoretical viewpoints discussed in the course. Any of the groups that we have studied is acceptable as a topic. Your analysis must contain data from the lectures, films, text, and from your own independent research. In this assignment, simply agreeing with the text and lectures interpretations is insufficient. You will need to expand your argument beyond the scope of the material presented in the course. Your analysis is expected to be unique. You will not receive a low grade if I disagree with you.
The assignment should be a minimum of approximately three pages of double-spaced type and a maximum of five pages. Intelligent analysis, careful, writing, and good grammar are the basis for your grade. The approximate due date for this assignment is due May 6th.
I will happily look at drafts in email form and you can meet with me in office hours to go over your ideas. It almost always raises the student’s grades if a draft/discussion precedes the final work. I have also posted an outline of the theorists to help guide your analytical choices. Let me know if you have questions!


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