Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help. Correct the following sentences.

  1. In COM 320 their are two presentations; these help people gain confidence.
  2. One company decided to cut it’s costs by instituting a four-day work week.
  3. The affect of the company’s decision may be a more efficient manufacturing process.
  4. Persuading customers to try our products is a skill that I posses.
  5. Joe’s roll at ABC Corporation is to be a liaison between employees and management.
  6. The total includes interest and principle on the loan.
  7. More often then not, we will pay the bills as soon as they arrive.
  8. We received four complimentary passes to there son’s concert.
  9. The team members complement each other because there all very different.
  10. We must be more concerned about perspective clients than we are now.
  11. The current economy has caused a drop in moral at work for are employees.
  12. The effect of the new policy will be an increase in jobs’ for our company.
  13. Perspective homebuyers are finding good deals on real estate.
  14. Our deadline has past; we need to compete the project today.
  15. They evaluate there investment portfolios twice each year.
  16. Walsh changed its portal last semester, changes are still underway.
  17. Peoples investing habits have change because of the current market.
  18. Paying extra principle on a loan each month is a good strategy.
  19. The choices we make today will effect our income next year.
  20. We have more customers then our competitors.


Nursing homework help


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