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Nursing homework help. Week 1 Assignments:
M1.1 Engage: One Nation, Overdosed
DISCUSSION INSTRUCTIONS (video and reading material attached as separate document)
The video (found in the presentation above) on the Dayton opioid crisis presents data across all levels. As you watch the video, pull at least two types (nominal, ordinal, ratio) of data from the video. Explain how you determined the level of the data presented. What do these descriptive statistics tell us about the crisis? How might they be useful to your discipline?

M1.2 Engage: The Opioid Crisis in Dayton

For this course, you will be examining a current crisis that is occurring in America: the opioid crisis. In this module, you will watch the following documentary on the opioid crisis in Dayton Ohio.
Watch the documentary, and in a 1-2 page reflective paper, answer the following questions:

  • Not every city in the nation has been impacted by the opioid crisis, but many have. What are the characteristics of Dayton that you feel contributed specifically to the crisis in the area that are pertinent to your discipline?
  • Assess the factors in the region or area in which you live. Without conducting any extensive research, do you feel your region or area has any of the same characteristics that might put your area at risk for an opioid crisis? Why or why not?
  • What are your general thoughts about how your discipline could help this epidemic? What are some ideas about solutions your discipline might be able to provide? Who might be a resource and how might these solutions be implemented?
  • What are some ideas about solutions that other disciplines outside your own might be able to provide? Who might be a resource? How might these solutions be implemented?
  • Provide any other thoughts or observations based on the documentary that you observed or wish to express.


M1.3 Engage: Excel and Descriptive Statistics Part 1

Many statistical procedures call for complex and lengthy mathematical formulas. Thankfully, there are a wealth of software programs that can calculate these statistics for us. You may have heard of some of these programs, and many have incredible functionality for those who work with statistics on a regular basis.
For the vast majority of us who are not statisticians, Excel is a commonly used program and has an excellent variety of statistical tools available. In order to utilize and access these tools easily, your first step will be to add on the data analysis toolpack to your Excel account. If you are completely unfamiliar with Excel, the link to the Excel help website is listed in your Lifeline, and will provide you with the basics of navigating the software.
Your module notes have introduced you to descriptive statistics. Let’s run some descriptive statistics using Excel. The short video above walks you through the data analysis toolpack add-in and the process for running descriptive statistics.
Using the Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health website (Links to an external site.), pull the data from the first graph on the accidental overdose death totals for 2017. You will be creating an  Excel worksheet with this data.

  • Label your worksheet “Accidental Overdose Death Totals Montgomery County,”
  • Label your column A “Month.”
  • Label column B “2017” and contain the numbers of overdose deaths for that month.
  • When you are done labeling your worksheet and entering the data for 2017, calculate your descriptive statistics for this data set.
  • In a separate Word document (1-2 paragraphs), imagine you are describing your data to a layperson. What does each of the descriptives tell you about the data set? Be sure to describe what each measure of central tendency and variability tells the reader about what the data actually says.

Be sure and save your worksheet as we will revisit it later.
Also ensure you watch this youtube video on Descriptive Statistics in Excel as it is part of this assignment. On youtube it is dated April 5, 2019

M1.4 Engage: How Can You Help?

During this course, you will contribute a series of articles to a magazine published biweekly. Your series will address the opioid epidemic from the perspective of your discipline and your role in the community. Assume one of the roles below based upon your program:
Business Programs: You will assume the role of a current or prospective business owner.
Public Administration: You will assume the role of the city manager.
Criminal Justice: You will assume the role of chief of police.
Now that you are familiar with research in your discipline, focus on the opioid crisis in general. Define a specific problem related to the crisis in your discipline and role. Begin to determine a solution for your specific problem.
Locate a valid and reliable article relevant to your proposed solution. The article should contain data that contributes to a solution to the epidemic from your field’s perspective.
Statistics has a language of its own. Here is a great resource to help you with statistical symbols and their meanings.
Statistics Symbols Sheet (Links to an external site.)
Answer the following questions about your article:

  • Give the topic of the article and explain why it is pertinent to your specific role.
  • Discuss why the statistical procedures and/or data are appropriate.

In your responses to your peers (please choose a role other than your own or that covers a significantly different area different from your own):

  • Are there any similarities or differences in the data in your peers’ initial posts?
  • Might this data be useful to you in your own role? Why or why not?


Nursing homework help


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