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  • Week 2 Project OverviewAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignmentCourse Project Overview
    Developing an Instructional Unit
    This project will help you focus on the important concepts presented throughout the course. For this project, you will be expected to develop three lesson plans as part of an instructional unit on a subject of your choice focusing on one disease. The project will contain one lesson plan focused on education of a patient, one on family education, and one on staff development. The plans should demonstrate a logical approach to teaching, communicate what is to be taught and how, and outline how objectives are to be evaluated. At a minimum, each final lesson must contain the following components:

    • Provide the title of the lesson.
    • Identify and describe the learners.
      • Include Learner Assessment: educational level, developmental level, readiness to learn, etc.
    • Describe the educational setting: (staff development, patient education, family education, etc.).
    • Purpose and rationale for the lesson(s).
    • Describe the philosophical or theoretical basis for teaching approaches used in the lesson.
    • Statement of goals and objectives:
    • Write broad instructional goals for the educational experience.
    • Write behavioral objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy.
    • Instructional methods and evaluation of learning—for each objective:
    • Describe the lesson content.
    • Provide a sequence for teaching activities.
    • Describe instructional strategies.
    • Indicate time allotted for each activity.
    • Describe the instructional resources (materials, tools, etc.) to be used.
    • Describe how the learning will be evaluated.
    • Here in Week 2, you will get started by identifying your topic and learners, and describing your educational setting. Then, you will continue to work on your project and turn in your final instructional unit, to include all three lesson plans, in Week 4.
  • Week 2 ProjectAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment Due May 11 at 11:59 PMCourse Project—Part 1
    In a Microsoft Word document of 5-6 pages formatted in APA style, develop the introduction for your project. Please note that the title and reference pages should not be included in the total page count of your paper. Be sure to focus on one (1) disease but three (3) audiences (patient, family and staff development). The introduction should:

    • Contain the title of the lesson.
    • Identify and describe the learners.
    • Describe the educational setting:
      • Staff development
      • Patient education
      • Family education
    • Include learner assessments:
      • Educational level
      • Developmental level
      • Readiness to learn, and so forth.
    • Provide a purpose and rationale for selecting the topic/disease.
    • Describe the philosophical or theoretical basis for teaching approaches used in the lesson.
    • Support criteria with relevant examples and journal articles.
    • On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format.
    • Use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources.
    • This handout will provide you the details of formatting your essay using APA style.
    • You may create your essay in this APA-formatted template.
    • Submission Details:
      • Name your document SU_NSG4028_W2_Project_LastName_FirstInitial
      • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned


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