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1. 200 words. Explore how health care reform impacts such as the affordable care act impact the elderly clients and the multidimensional role of the population health nurse as caregiver, educator, change-agent and clients’ advocate.
2. 200 words. How can critical thinking within the nursing process be used to guide the decision making process in the community environment?
3. 200 words. Research the prevalence of fall risk among older adult clients within the US. What is the social, psychological and physical effects fear of falling has on this population group? https://www.state.nj.us/humanservices/doas/services/balance/  https://www.ohsu.edu/brain-institute/think-first/matter-balance-seniors
4. 200 words. Research the Matter of Balance for Seniors program and state how this program can assist in reducing the prevalence of falls and the negative impact it has on elderly clients.


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