Nursing homework help

Part 1- 400 word discussion post, APA, 2 references
This week you will shadow and interview a nurse leader.  Please post your questions for the interview and offer some background as to why these questions were chosen.
So below are the questions to ask, basically the post is to say why are those questions necessary to ask.

  1. Please describe the nursing and inter-professional teams that operate in this facility/on this unit.
  2. Can you provide an example of a nursing practice that has been changed in the last year based on current best evidence?
  3. What do you consider your biggest challenge?
  4. What do you love most about your job?
  5. Why did you choose this job?
  6. What other kinds of nursing/other job did you ever do?
  7. How would you describe your role in admission and staffing decisions?

8. What is your leadership style?


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