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Cultural Research Assignment
ü You will be placed into a group and given your ethnic group that you will complete your group presentation with date to be determined by instructor.
ü You will complete the assignment as a group. All groups members MUST be interactively engaged in completing the assignment. Working together equally as a team is required!
ü The goal of this assignment is for you to learn more about a different culture other than your own.
ü This assignment will be worth a total of 300 points = 200 points for the assignment and 100 points for group presentation.
ü The assignment will be presented by use of a Power Point presentation including the following information below:
1) Content:
o Introduction- introduce the culture that you are researching. Where did they originate from (country)?  – (Margaret}
o Concept of Health and related issues
o Beliefs, Religion and Spirituality
o Language and Communication- personal space during communication, gestures/no gestures)
o Family and Social Issues – (Margaret)
o Gender Roles
o Diet and Nutrition
o Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
o Illness-Related Issues -(Margaret)
o Treatment Issues
o Mental Health Issues
o Labor, Birth and After Care
o Death and Dying – (Margaret)
o Conclusion   -(Margaret)
2) Power Point Presentation:
o Includes at least 10 slides, not including the introduction slide and references slide and reflects use of proper grammar/spelling and APA.
o Includes 10 slides, not including the introduction slide and reference slide.
o The information includes proper grammar and punctuation.
3) References:
o Assignment includes at least 3 references (5 points/reference).
o One of the references MUST include the Culture Vision website accessed through the Libary:
Please just work on those that have Margaret’s name on it. thanks
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