Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help. Pre-and De-Brief Activities for Senior Centers
Loneliness and social isolation is a vital public health concern as research consistently supports a link between social isolation and increased morbidity and mortality rates, especially among seniors. Covid-19 has exacerbated this issue, as it has forced self-isolation among this demographic. It is critical for public health professionals to acknowledge the detrimental effects of isolation and to create programs to mitigate these effects.
The purpose of this clinical assignment is to explore the issue of social isolation among the older adult population (>65 years) and to participate in activities to mitigate its’ effects.
“Regardless of age, people who feel as though their communities do not need them are at increased risk of high blood pressure, and depression, and other ailments.  People who feel lonely are twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.”   (Day, J. & Day. J. (2017). The Longevity Plan. Harper Collins Books).
“Feeling isolated has been associated with a myriad of health related conditions, including chronic disease, and psychiatric disorders.  Social isolation is now viewed as a risk factor for premature death, similar to cigarette smoking, physical inactivity or obesity.”
Pre-brief Activity: Explore some of the hyperlinks embedded in the article below:
Use this source and other evidence-based resources to answer the following questions:

  1. Identify 3 chronic diseases that have been linked to isolation/loneliness in the elderly (>65 years).
  2. Identify 3 psychiatric disorders that have been linked to isolation/loneliness.

Little Brothers/Friends of the Elderly and The Senior Center Bernard Horowitz Center are organizations dedicated to helping address issues specific to this demographic. In preparation to assist in these efforts, explore the organizations’ websites and answer the following questions based on your assigned organization:

  1. What is the mission statement for this organization?
  2. How long has this organization been in existence?
  3. What age groups do they serve?
  4. What programs are available to clients?

Covid-19 has created unique opportunities to intervene with this demographic. One of the interventions is to provide social interaction through phone calls. To prepare for this intervention, create 5 “conversation starter” questions that you might ask during a conversation with a participant (Little Brothers provides some examples on their website).

Nursing homework help


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