Nursing homework help

Please read chapters 24 and 25 of your Tappen textbook, please make notes as you read.
Discussion # 8 worth 1.25 points
Initial post weekly Wednesday by 11:59 PM. Respond to two peers on different days due Saturday by11:59 PM.
Please remember to limit your initial post to 250 words/three paragraphs and responses to 150 words.
Refer to the grading rubric below.
This is a two-part research question:
Part One:
1. Identify an issue at your current place of practice.
2. How would you submit a research proposal? Answer using bullets.
Part Two: Choose either 1 or 2
1. Identify a policy/procedure at your workplace that you would like to improve through evidence-based research.
2. Or discuss one that has been improved because of evidence based research.
500 words apa format
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