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Final Research Paper (Summary-Literature Review) Guidelines
Final Paper Format:
1. Double-spaced throughout
2. All margins are to be 1 inch
2. 12 point Font (no larger or smaller)
3. Typeface produced on a word processor “Times New Roman”.
The Final Paper must include:
1. A Title Page
2. Abstract Page
3. Body of the paper: must be a minimum of 5 pages
and a maximum of 7 pages
4. Conclusion
5. References page
6. In text citations for all work referred to in paper
Title Page instructions:
Header (top right hand corner of paper – use header function on computer)
Running Head – (top left hand upper side of paper)
Title – centered on page
Student Name – centered on page
Florida National University – centered on page
Abstract instructions:
The Abstract is a summary of your paper. It must include the Hypothesis, any relevant research found, and the conclusion you have made based on this research. The abstract is to be formatted in block format (not an indented paragraph) and must include 7 – 9 complete sentences.
Please refer to pages 306 – 307 and 313 in the APA manual for a good example of an APA style paper.


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