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Instruction Set
For this assignment, you will be putting together an instructional document to be used within your field of study, area of expertise, or personal interest. Your goal will be to clearly and effectively communicate a set of guidelines for the reader. You may choose any task you like, provided it is complex enough to merit a detailed guideline. Some examples may include but are not limited to: Assembling an object, operating a machine, performing a procedure, writing or using code, repairing or disassembling a machine, performing a task in a sport or game, understanding / appreciating a complex or highly specific medium (art appreciation, fighting game combos, a difficult football play, analyzing an athlete’s performance, etc.), or navigating a space such as a city or town.
Your guide should be MULTIMODAL (IE: Use multiple forms of media to communicate. For example, text, images, video, audio, etc.) and will be put together using either GOOGLE PAGES or INSTRUCTABLES, or as a TUTORIAL VIDEO:

  • Follow the format and style of instructional texts as a genre.
  • Assemble clear, easily followed step-by-step guidelines for the task.
  • Define any key terms, describe any important tools or objects relevant.
  • Draw attention to any necessary safety protocols or potentially dangerous misuse.
  • Provide a clear description of what the outcome of each step should be, and what the end-goal will look like.
  • Include any necessary visual aids or charts. If you do not make your own, be sure to cite where you found these.
  • For an instruction website, use INSTRUCTABLES or GOOGLE PAGES. The website should be cleanly designed, usable, and intuitive to navigate. Take advantage of the medium, and remember that instructions are often designed to be used WHILE performing the relevant task. Keep it simple and user friendly!
  • Here are a few good examples of online instructional guides for reference. I will post more along with the detailed assignment sheet.

You will post a link to your instructable or google page in the appropriate D2L link. There is no specific length requirement, but it should be DETAILED and THOROUGH and fully guide the reader towards the instruction’s stated goal.

  • You can also opt to do a TUTORIAL VIDEO. This video can be made using your phone or any free/commercial recording software.
  • I would advise modeling it after well-designed youtube tutorial videos (here are some examples that I like for reference).
  • The video should be 3-8 minutes and should include all of the details and components of a written instruction.
  • Don’t just record yourself talking: demonstrate the process.



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