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 The work is about  disorders of hormonal regulation.  The following questions need to be discussed with your classmates. APA stile 4 pages minimum 10 references  2 for each question. due next Tuesday October 6. please follow the instruction carefully.

  1. A patient having renal surgery suddenly develops massive hypertension and dies during surgery. An autopsy shows the presence of a pheochromocytoma. In your own words, explain how this incident might have happened, provide ten (10) bulleted points.
  2. Your favorite cousin, who is 20 years old, has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He is overweight and spends most of his time playing computer games or watching television. He asks you what he should do to take care of his diabetes. As a health professional, provide ten (10) bulleted points on the advice will you give him?
  3.  Your patient has just been diagnosed with SIADH. His mother is asking you what this condition is and what she should expect next. Kindly provide ten (10) bulleted points regarding what you will tell her?
  4. Your patient has been admitted to the hospital in preparation for a subtotal removal of her thyroid gland to reverse her hyperthyroidism. She suddenly develops thyroid storm. What manifestations will you find? Please list at least five (5) and what is the pathophysiologic basis of thyroid storm?

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