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Preparing for a new career/position includes ensuring your resume accurately reflects your KSAs, experience and other characteristics relevant to securing a position. It is imperative this document is 100% accurate and error-free. This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to create a resume for a position you desire to hold in the future. Whether you will be a new healthcare administrator or will be seeking a promotion in this industry in the future, this activity is highly beneficial.
The student will conduct research to identify a healthcare administrator position currently available. The position should be one in which the student will be qualified for in the next 2-3 years (upon completion of the masters of healthcare administration degree and required experience). Then, based on the talent quotient quiz analysis, interviews completed and research conducted, the student will create a resume for the identified healthcare administrator position. Be sure to review the Occupational Outlook Handbook to identify potential job growth, required KSAs and so forth for this position.
The student will have a current healthcare administrator review the resume and provide feedback. Submit a copy of the job description, summary of the professional feedback provided and a final draft of the resume.

  • Cover page
  • Copy of the job description
  • Summary of professional feedback
  • Final draft of the resume


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