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1.  Reflect back over the past 14 weeks and describe how your achievements in this course have prepared you to meet the MSN program outcomes.
Peer answer:
The MSN program requires me to demonstrate my ability to use current knowledge from nursing theory, science, and related disciplines to initiate change in nursing practice. Over the past fourteen weeks, Several things have stood out for me. Primarily, I understand that nursing practice is patient-centered, and all care innovations should value human dignity. I am expected to provide exemplary patient care in accordance with the nursing practice guideline and ethical considerations.
Secondly, technology is essential in healthcare provision. I will need to integrate technology into my practice to ensure quality care. Health Information Technology (HIT) has provided a breakthrough in healthcare institutions’ operations, diagnosis, research, and treatment of patients. I am expected to equip myself with knowledge of current technological trends to find new ways of building on my practice. Furthermore, I can leverage technology to foster collaborations with my other healthcare practitioners through information sharing to develop more comprehensive solutions to care challenges in the sector.
Lastly, as much as patient care is the primary factor of the profession, I desire to see the value for my services as a nurse practitioner. There is no motivation in seeing too many patients in a day without a financial translation. Upon graduation, my qualification level is worthy of a better rate card, but above all, I look forward to venturing into private practice.
After reading through the article provided at the time of this reflection, two things stood out. One, I need to understand my case mix in calculating my financials. I need to know, from the number of patients seen in a day, what is their source of payment and the reimbursement rates for those insured. Two, I should be able to manage my overhead costs. A steady cash inflow is encouraging, but there may be nothing left to keep the practice going if the outflows are not in check. The overhead costs will inform the decision on the number of assistants to hire.


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