Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help.

Journal 2 – Chapt 4

  1. A. Using the Behavior Styles assessment results from the packet in the module content, Review the packet and determine your confidence in its accuracy. Accurate ______? Your primary style is ____________. Your secondary style is __________________. Reflect in writing on your results.

B) Give at least 3 examples showing how the strengths of your style make you an invaluable member of a team.
C) Describe the characteristics of the other 2 behavior styles and any portions of the secondary style for which you will need to rely on other team members.

  1. B. Select 3 family members (or significant other/roommate/best friend can substitute for one.)  By observation and memory of previous interactions, decide what the primary behavior style (A,C,P,S) might be for each person and state why objectively.






  1. Review the reading packet on behavior styles – the section on conflict and tension reactions.

Think about a disagreement you most recently had.  Your primary behavior style (from the assessment you just took) is __________________________.  His/her primary behavior style is (your best guess) ________________________.

  1. Describe the Tension-Reaction Behavior between you (what triggered your reaction? What triggered his/her reaction? who withdrew, who attacked, who apologized, …)?

(B)  Use the model in the packet to describe how you might have diffused this argument based upon what you know now about behavior styles and what the style of the other person in your conflict situation needs? [Review the page on needs.]
Your needs: His/her needs:
(C)  Use your knowledge of styles from the packet in the module to determine what you can do differently that will better accommodate this person and possibly prevent disagreements in the future.
4) Behavior theory, according to your text is about the tendency to be more task or more relationship driven. Then your text goes on to describe an opportunistic leader. Is an opportunistic leader more task or more relationship – in your opinion. Defend your reason.
5) Take the style questionnaire on page 88-90 in your text.  Reflect on your score and how it fits with other assessment instruments you have taken so far in this class.
6) Read the articles on Leading Remotely.
A. Managing Remote Employees: How to Lead from a Distance
B. Working Remotely: What Managers Need to Keep Employees Engaged
C. How to manage Newly Remote Teams
D. Covid-19 Has My Teams Working Remotely: A Guide for Leaders
a. Rank which article was most helpful.
b. Summarize in 2-3 sentences for each article the best advice from each article.
c. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of leading remotely for each behavior style.
7) What leadership-related Ah-ha’s have you learned since your last journal.

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Operations Management homework help


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