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Use decision-making skills and abilities in a variety of managerial, production, and service positions that are typical of the foodservice industry.
Using the linked library reading as a guideline as well as the supplemental reading from week three and your research (Internet, library, or interviews), you will draft a HACCP plan for a menu item using a meat protein [pork, beef, chicken, or seafood] for all stages of the ingredients from receiving to service. If a menu item was presented in the week four assignment that qualifies, you should use that specific menu item.
The plan should include at least one process flow chart starting with receiving ingredients through service to the consumer. The seven principles of HACCP should be reflected in the plan. Once the plan is complete, you will provide an evaluation of the menu item in regard to the degree of difficulty and determine the feasibility of retaining the menu in relation to safety and sanitation requirements and staff or equipment limitations.
You can use MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, or Prezi to complete this assignment. The submitted file has to be accessible for grading so verify accessibility prior to submitting. An example format would be to use MS Powerpoint and dedicate one slide per element in the flowchart. If using MS Word, you can provide your flowchart(s) in an Appendix and refer to the appendix in the writing.

  • APA formatted reference entry for sourced book:

Mortimore, S. E., Wallace, C., & Cassianos, C. (2008). Food industry briefing: HACCP. Retrieved from https://ebookcentral-proquest.com.ezproxy2.apus.edu

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