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  1. The last two weeks we have been going over operations management strategy and operations management technology. Both are important elements of being successful. For this discussion, view the video that is at this link https://youtu.be/ApEYKeLxS2o  (cut and paste it). After you view it, research a company, and explain how they achieve competitive advantage using one of the three categories in the video and how it applies to concepts in the book. Also, discuss the technologies that may be important to being successful implementing the strategy.


  1. Discuss some of the important things an operations manager must consider when designing/modifying a global supply chain.


  1. Discuss the main factors that go into determining the lay out of a facility or workspace


  1. Review this awesome video and let me know how this applies in explaining why we should do things such as forecasting. How is leadership a smart way to go about any endeavor in life.


  1. Please, explain why appointments are necessary for many professional services. List and explain some key issues and decisions that must be addressed in designing appointment systems. How does resource management play into scheduling and Sequencing?


  1. Please discuss why it is important to optimize inventory and how it is done. Also, in light of the craziness recently in retail and grocery stores caused by the pandemic. What affect does mass purchasing have on inventory management? Not just the empty shelves, but what about reordering? Bull whip effect? Future inventory levels?


  1. What are the differences between supply chain and logistics? In managing the supply chain, chose one area of the supply chain and explain how to manage and what some trends are in managing it.


  1. Please review the video and tell me what resonated the most with you. How can this be applied in how to approach each day? How does it encapsulate working in an organization?


  1. Two of Deming’s 14 Points are Point 8: Drive Out Fear (in the workplace) and Point 4: Stop Making Decisions Purely on the Basis of Cost. Discuss the importance of them to operations managers (as well as all managers) in today’s business environment.


  1. Please define project management, its phases, and its success factors. Why is understanding project management principles important? Choose one concept (e.g., PERT) and explain how it could be used in a project.



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