Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Directions
Submit one MSWord document with clear labeling and distinctions for each response. To obtain full points you must apply the concepts we’ve studied to date and use the tools and skills studied in your response. Always cite any paraphrasing and quotes from your textbook, lecture, or other sources.

  • Chapter 19 – Case 19.1 Brief and answer questions; Questions 9 and 10. Brief must be in I.R.A.C. as well as Questions answer.
  • Issue:
  • Rule:
  • Analysis:
  • Conclusion:


  1. A group of exotic dancers at several clubs in the San Fernando Valley of California brought a class action suit against their employers, the club owners, for the following violations of labor law:
  • Failure to provide meal breaks
  • Failure to provide rest breaks
  • Club managers taking 50% of the dancers’ tips, which resulted in some dancers earning less than the minimum wage for hours worked
  • Failure to reimburse dancers for the costs of their uniforms

The club owners acknowledge that the dancers worked over 40 hours each week but that they were professionals and not subject to the provisions of the FLSA. The club owners also claim that the dancers work on a type of commission basis and so are not covered by the minimum wage law. Are labor law violations going on at the clubs? Are you able to respond to the defenses that the club owners raised?

  1. Dawnmarie Souza was fired from American Medical Response (AMR) after using vulgarities to ridicule her supervisor in a Facebook posting. Souza also wrote, using the company’s terminology for a psychiatric patient: “Love how the company allows a 17 to become a supervisor.” (17 is the company’s code for a psychiatric patient.) Ms. Souza filed a complaint with the NLRB for AMR’s retaliatory conduct and interference with her right to organize fellow employees. What can employees post about their employers in social media and on the Internet?


  • Chapter 20 – Case 20.2 Brief and answer questions; Questions 7 and 8. Brief must be in I.R.A.C. as well as Questions answer.
  • Issue:
  • Rule:
  • Analysis:
  • Conclusion:
  1. Wendy Komac was hired by Gordon Food Service as a salesperson. During the course of her employment, Gordon held sales contests such as the “Winner’s Circle” competition, which rewarded the salesperson who generated the most new customers. Ms. Komac’s supervisor received an unsigned letter that accused Ms. Komac of falsely representing new sales customers in her report. When confronted, she denied the allegations but was eliminated from the sale competition when she stated that “other employees routinely violated the rules.” Her supervisor gave a speech at the next sales meeting explaining that violations of the rules during sales com- petition would be grounds for termination.

During a subsequent Tyson product competition, allegations again emerged about Ms. Komac’s conduct. When confronted, Ms. Komac admitted that she had reported products normally purchased by one of her long-term customers as being purchased by two other customers.
Following the second contest problem, Ms. Komac was fired. Ms. Komac filed suit alleging discrimi- nation by Gordon. She gave examples of statements made to her over the course of her employment such as her pay being less because male employees “have a wife and three kids at home.” She also alleged that no male employees were terminated for violating contest rules. However, there was no evidence that any male employees had been caught cheating in contests after the supervisor’s speech. Explain whether Ms. Komac has established a prima facie case of gender discrimination. [Komac v. Gordon Food Service, 3 F. Supp. 2d 850 (N.D. Ohio 1998)]

  1. Would the following actions constitute sexual harassment?
  2. Making sexual comments or innuendoes; telling sexual jokes or stories
  3. Asking questions about social or sexual life
  4. Telling lies or spreading rumors about a person’s personal sex life
  5. Making sexual comments about a person’s body
  6. Turning work discussions to sexual topics
  7. Looking a person up and down
  8. Staring repeatedly at someone
  9. Blocking a person’s path or hindering them
  10. Giving unwanted gifts of a sexual nature
  11. Invading a person’s body space
  12. Making sexual gestures or kissing sounds or offering massages
  13. Displaying sexual posters, cartoons, or handouts


Operations Management homework help


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