Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. MY chosen company will be Wal Mart
you will assume the role of General Manager for a subsidiary (business unit) of this company. Assume
you are in charge of developing the strategy for your business unit selling products in various countries
around the world. One of the issues you face is whether to employ a multidomestic strategy, a global
strategy, or a transnational strategy. Making such a complex business decision can be challenging, but as
a management strategist, your leadership and business acumen will help direct the company down the
right path. In a five-page business strategy report, use persuasive writing techniques to convince
corporate leadership to fund an expansion initiative into a new international market that you have
identified. Complete this Assignment by meeting the following criteria:
Your chosen company is comprised of various business units. Choose one popular business unit
(subsidiary) and make it your focus for this Assignment. Identify the product and provide a thorough
synopsis on the current state of the business unit in the international marketplace by conducting
extensive research.
Identify the markets in which the business unit currently operates.
Report on the financial health of the business unit by reviewing annual reports and quarterly financial
Analyze the vision, mission, and value statements of the company. Explain and critique each statement.
Explain the pro’s and con’s of each statement, and note any recommended improvements based on
Within your chosen business unit, identify a product line and conduct extensive research on the product
line to become familiar with it.
Provide a brief synopsis of your chosen product line.
Provide details, noting important factors like the brand, product features and benefits, and other
important marketing factors. Be thorough.
Conduct research on your chosen international market.
Explain why you chose this market, and explain the strategic options the company has for entering this
Explain why there is a need for your chosen product in your chosen international market.
Use a minimum of two analysis tools to understand your chosen market and the opportunities that exist
for your business unit and parent company.
Explain the pro’s and con’s of entering your chosen international market.
Based on an analysis of your chosen business unit, would a multidomestic strategy, a global strategy, or
a transnational strategy be most appropriate if your company plans on expanding into this new market?
Generally forecast the necessary resources your business unit will need to enter your chosen market
(finances, capital assets, labor, logistics, etc.).
Develop SMART goals that will drive your business unit to successfully enter your chosen international
Determine if there are strategic advantages to global sourcing, production, and logistics of the products
in your chosen business unit in relation to your chosen strategy?
Is an alliance, joint venture, acquisition, or merger with foreign companies necessary from your chosen
business unit to enter a foreign market? Explain.
Identify and explain the value chain relationships between your chosen business unit and other business
units within your chosen company.
Explain how diversification strategies can produce cross-business strategic fit capable of delivering
competitive advantage for your business unit.
Evaluate your company’s diversification strategy.
Use creative desktop publishing skills to create the title page and layout of your business report.
Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed academic research resources (library resources, textbooks,
books) to help substantiate your strategic framework.
Apply proper APA style referencing format.
Be sure to use headings and subheadings to create a flow of ideas and topics within your writing.
Write in third person to develop your business report.

Operations Management homework help


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