Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Exhibition and Event
**Before you read the instruction you need to know this essay only can use the POWER-POINT that I provided for you, no outside sources needed for this essay, “ONLY” use the PowerPoint that I aatached for you.**
This essay style quiz will focus on the content of venue contracts. These questions will help further develop your understanding of the importance of understanding contracts.
Every business situation requires legal advice and documentation. There are many important considerations take place when dealing with venue contracts. Please address the following:

  1. Identify strategies to implement to ensure a clear understanding between contracting parties.
  2. What are room blocks? What do room block attrition clauses include? How might an exhibition manager avoid room block attrition charges?
  3. What impacts can venue contract have on the bottom line of an exhibition?
  4. The venue meeting space contract and exhibition space contract will differ in many ways. What are those differences?

3 pages
Please ensure your work with in correct MLA format.

Operations Management homework help


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