Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. Watch the videoclip explaining Kant’s reasoning about never lying even in the scenario involving an axe murderer. Explain why you agree or disagree with Kant. If you disagree with Kant, first try to explain your reasons with him according to his own principles. Does the categorical imperative of never lying conflict with other versions of his categorical imperative (e.g. treat others as ends)? If you find that there is no internal conflict within Kant’s other versions, then articulate the ethical framework outside Kant’s that best supports your disagreement. If you agree with Kant about never lying, even to an axe murderer, then try to explain how this is justified in light of his more socially inclined versions of the categorical imperative, such as his ideal of a “kingdom of ends”. After providing your answer, you will need to substantively engage with answers from three other students.
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Philosophy homework help


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