Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help.  

  • If the forward rate is greater than the spot rate, what are markets signaling about their expectations for the future spot rates for the home currency?


  • The nominal interest rate in the U.S. is 6% and the nominal interest rate in Canada is 3%. The spot value of the U.S. dollar is 1.1 ($/Canadian dollar) and the forward rate is 1.3 ($/Canadian dollar). Calculate the forward discount or premium for the dollar. Does the interest parity condition hold? If not explain what is likely to occur in foreign exchange markets. Assume that interest rates cannot change.


  • Exchange rates are exceedingly difficult to predict. Explain the factors that determine the exchange rate over the long run, medium run, and short run.


  • According to the following equation (1/R)(1+i*)F = F/R (1+i*). Explain what is the interest parity condition, and how can we derive the interest parity condition from the previous equation.


  • If the dollar/pound exchange rate is $2/£, a Big Mac costs $5 in New York City and costs £4 in London. From the point of view of an American consumer estimate and explain whether the pound is undervalued or overvalued and indicate in what city U.S. consumers are better off.


  • Explain the three rules that countries must follow to maintain a gold standard.


  • Why might a group of countries wish to have a common currency? Explain four reasons.


  • Consider the case of a sudden increase in demand for foreign exchange in a country with a fixed exchange rate system. Indicate what are the conditions for the monetary authority to sustain the fixed exchange rate and explain the mechanism to maintain the exchange rate fixed using a graph.


  • Use a J-curve to illustrate the effect on the current account of an exchange rate depreciation. Explain why the curve has the shape that it does. What condition must be fulfilled to have a positive effect of the depreciation of the currency on the current account?


  • How does a weak financial sector intensify the problems created by volatile capital flows?


  • Explain how exchange rate policies affected economies during the Great Depression.


  • Explain the pros and cons of a crawling peg.


  • Describe the policies that a nation would follow to correct a current account deficit. What are the primary purposes of each type of policy?


  • Explain why in an economy with fixed exchange rates, monetary policy will not cause expenditure switching.


  • How did the vulnerabilities in Asian economies lead to the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998?


  • Explain the meaning of IMF conditionality and why it has been criticized.

Philosophy homework help


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