Philosophy homework help

Directions: Select one of the questions below and write a 3-page paper (only write on one question). The paper must be 3 pages (800-word count)
Primary goal: you must incorporate philosophical concepts logically throughout your paper. Be mindful of the following: There is no need to plagiarize. You are capable of completing the assignment without plagiarizing. As you write your paper, pose the following questions: ▪ Did I incorporate the relevant philosophical concepts from the texts we are using in the course? ▪ Did I define the concepts/theories? ▪ Have I shown the way(s) they function and relate to the question asked? ▪ Have I strayed from the question? ▪ Have I cited the sources systematically within the text (author, text title, and line number/page number)? You do not need to have a separate page for sources unless you include statements from texts/authors we have not covered. The paper provides you with an opportunity a) to work through and grasp the concepts and b) to apply them directly. Your process of thinking is the ground of the exercise. Your writing is the manifestation of the ground. Do not fear your thoughts or underestimate your ability to write a philosophical paper.
Question 1: Compare and Contrast In the Rules for the Direction of the Mind, Descartes lays out specific rules for training and orientating the mind toward firm and true judgements. Based upon the three rules (the only ones you were assigned to read), explain the ways in which the rules have put into question your own process of thinking and extended your self-knowledge. Apply the Rules systematically to assess your personal life.
Question 2: Analysis In the Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir discusses the status of women. She indicates that biological facts are one key to understanding women’s place in society, but these facts are not decisive. De Beauvoir argues that women have been content being the ‘second sex’. In the paper, utilize de Beauvoir’s philosophical framework, set out and examine the ways in which the traditional conceptions of a “woman” have led to discriminatory and prejudiced attitudes toward women (do not shy away from the ways de Beauvoir claims that women choose not to assert themselves).


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