Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. Who has the most power to influence the U.S. government?  How do you know?  What powers do they have and where did those powers come from?  Is their power legitimate?  Why or why not?  What checks exist to limit their power?
Papers should include a clear thesis statement.  A minimum of two sources must be cited in APA format—be sure to include both in-text citations and a works cited page.  Do not use material from any source without citing it; this is an example of plagiarism.
Thoroughly and clearly responds to all questions in prompt within page limit
Includes a clear thesis statement that explains the argument being made
Supporting evidence is factually accurate
Includes proper APA citations for sources used (minimum of two sources must be used)
Uses proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
You can address :

  • A particular branch of government (executive, legislative, or judicial)
  • Interest groups
  • The people
  • Political parties
  • The constitution
  • The President


Political Science homework help


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