Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help.

You can find substantial economic news in The Wall Street Journal (Links to an external site.), The New York Times (Links to an external site.) or The Economist (Links to an external site.). While the major networks cover some economic news in their nightly newscasts, more in depth coverage can be found on PBS (Links to an external site.)NPR (Links to an external site.), and cable stations such as CNBC (Links to an external site.) or Bloomberg News (Links to an external site.).
Pay attention to economic news for about a week (any news source). Monitor at least THREE news sources and include at least one page write up answering 3-5 of the below questions. Use examples from current news stories.

  • What are Congress and the President proposing?
  • What actions is the Federal Reserve Board taking?
  • Does monetary policy or fiscal policy seem to be the focus of the national government?
  • Is tax fairness or tax cutting the main priority?
  • Is free trade or protectionism being promoted?
  • What is being proposed regarding spending on entitlements, defense, and other programs?

Political Science homework help


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