Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. Instructions
Three Perspectives on the War in Syria
As you have learned in this unit, different theories view events from different perspectives. This assignment calls for you to examine the recent war in Syria and view it from three international relations theory perspectives. You must include realism and liberalism, but the third approach is your choice.
Points to include:
1. Who or what is at fault?
2. Why did this war happen?
3. How might the situation have been prevented?
4. How might it be resolved?
5. With which theory do you most closely align? Why?
6. How does perspective shape political action?
Make sure you identify each theory and identify its main features. Address each point from each perspective. How would a realist respond? How would a constructivist respond? How would a dependency theorist respond? You are encouraged to use outside sources, but remember that all sources must be cited and referenced appropriately. Your paper must be at 1-2 pages in length. You should include a minimum of one source for this paper. Papers must be in APA format.

Political Science homework help


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