Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help.

The Journal assignment will start this week. Three times a week (any days you like) , record your thoughts and perceptions, as well as the concrete policies, events, etc. associated with the coronavirus and it’s political issues and effects. Each journal entry should be at least one page in length (give or take) and your entries should be related to each of the following:
1. FEDERALISM- How is federalism affecting the response to the virus? Is federalism good or bad for a crisis like this? Are states cooperating with each other? With the federal government? Are the president and state governors on the same page? Hurricane Katrina had some lessons, perhaps. These are just a few aspects you might be following for your entries.
2. SEPARATION OF POWERS- The three branches of government- what are they doing during this crisis? Are they playing their correct roles? Is the president providing clear leadership? What about congressional oversight? What’s happening with that (Check out Trump’s firing of the inspector general overseeing the new Coronavirus Aid Law) ?  Is Trump on the same page as the “experts”? Should he be? What has been the role of the courts (check out the recent SCOTUS decision  on in person and mail in voting, for example)?
3. POLITICS- Are political considerations affecting the response to the virus? Like what? What is good leadership? Are we getting it?  Is Trump using his daily briefings/press conferences as MAGA rallies? Watch some and write your opinions. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. of NY and our own Gov. Murphy, as well as other governors provide different styles of leadership- how do they compare?

Political Science homework help


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