Political Science homework help

Develop and submit your essay
Provide one to two sentences describing the purpose of the policy.
Provide 2-3 sentences describing the history.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Framed
Provide 2-3 sentences describing how the policy is framed. Such as: Type of policy? Is it viewed positively? Is there a particular take to the policy?
Key Players
One to two sentences describing the key players. This can be a list.
Provide 3-4 sentences describing the theoretical framework you are going to use to review this policy (Multiple-Streams, Advocacy Coalition, Policy Entrepreneur, etc…)
Policy Successes and Failures
Provide one to two sentences describing if the policy has had any success or failures?
Give one to two sentences describing if the issue is relevant.
At this point, can the policy be reformed? One sentence to answer this question. You will go into much more depth on this for your paper.
add references


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