>Political Science homework help

>Political Science homework help.

answer every questions below and listed by bullet points
Lecture topics (review your notes and posted lecture slides): realism and constructivism (basic conceptual difference); regime theory (identify at least two functions make international organizations interesting to nation states?), historic time line since WWII, key turning points; UN Charter (what is the main mandate and what are the key principles, Art. 1.1 and Art. 2.1, 2.4 & 2.7), UN organizational structure: basic role and evolution of General Assembly and Security Council, what do these UN bodies do, voting procedures; human rights in the UN, explain different types of human rights; give two examples of historic normative UN Declarations passed by the General Assembly (in addition to human rights); how resolutions and agreements are negotiated (process), Security Council mandate (what can it do) and governance structure (how many seats, members, election and voting rules), who are the permanent and veto members? UN and the Iraq war; what is the approximate regular budget of the UN? What is the changing nature of conflict and how does it impact UN principles? Evolution of peace keeping since 1990s, lessons from peace keeping missions in Somalia, Rwanda and Bosnia, give an example of when R2P (responsibility to protect) was applied, be able to identify three examples of current ongoing UN peacekeeping missions; key challenges facing peace enforcement; watch video on UN peacekeeping; approx. how many blue helmets are currently deployed in the world; where are UN peace keepers mostly active? Where not? who are some of the main contributors to troops and funding? Where on the map is Syria, Libya, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)? What is the current political situation in Libya and DRC? Role of the Secretary General; be able to name three current or former UN SGs; the 2016 UN Secretary election, why was it different? Issues facing Guterres? UN reform, what are the main criticisms and issues? What are key obstacles to reform? Be able to identify three specialized UN agencies and describe their mandate, what is it they do (lecture to be posted by Tuesday).
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>Political Science homework help


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