Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY (updated 3.19.20)
PAPER – DUE on May 1 at 11:59 pm on iCollege
Select one topic from the list of options below. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully. Please email me
or meet for office hours for clarification, assistance, or to bounce ideas. I’m happy to help!
Option 1: Theoretical Debate Paper
Choose two theoretical orientations or developmental theorists. Compare and contrast the theories,
provide examples, and describe the strengths and limitations of each theory. Explain which
theory/theorist you agree with most and why it is preferred over the other. Below are some examples of
theoretical debate pairings (you are not limited to this list; these are just examples):
Piaget vs. Vygotsky (sociocultural theory), core knowledge vs. information processing,
Piaget vs. core knowledge, information processing vs. dynamic systems, Chomsky vs. Skinner,
Freud vs. Erikson, Selman vs. Dweck, Psychoanalytic theory vs. Behaviorism
Option 2: Culture and Child Development
Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory emphasizes the importance of society and culture on child development.
In your paper, describe Vygotsky’s views. Provide specific examples to illustrate the theory. Describe
cultural differences in child development by comparing two or more cultures on at least 3 domains of
child development. Be sure to provide adequate support (i.e., research) for your examples and claims.
Hint: it might be a good idea to consult cross-cultural research articles.
Option 3: Interview a Child
Conduct an interview a child or adolescent. Focus one or more specific aspects of development. In your
paper, discuss theory and research related to the topic(s) you are focusing on. As an alternative, you
might choose to observe a child and then interview their parent/caregiver (this alternative makes sense if
you’ve chosen a very young child or infant).
Option 4: Research Paper (Personal Interest)
For this option, you may explore in depth and specificity a topic of interest in an area related to child
development. Come up with a specific question or problem to explore. Within your paper, you should
do the following: (a) situate your topic within one of the theoretical frameworks we have covered in
class, (b) summarize existing research on the topic, and (c) propose (with compelling justification) how
this topic area could be pursued in future research.
Note: this option is more open and offers you a lot of freedom with the direction of your paper. If
you choose this option, I welcome you to consult with me. I can help offer some perspective,
provide guidance and focus, and recommend resources.
GUIDELINES: Review these guidelines carefully
 3 – 5 pages, double spaced (no less than 3 full pages, no more than 5 full pages).
 1-inch margins
 12-point font
 Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx)
 Acceptable fonts: Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial
 Include Your Name at the top left of the first page (only put your first and last name- do not include class
name, date, teacher name, or anything else in this top left corner)
 ‘References’ page listing sources in APA format (not included in required page count)
 Title (include a title, bold and centered at the top of your first page only)
 Polished paper (proofread and edited for readability, grammar, spelling, and punctuation).
**If your paper is unfinished, unpolished, or otherwise failing to meet basic requirements, 10 points will
automatically be deducted, and the paper will be returned for you to resubmit within 48 hours**
FORMAT: Organize your paper using a basic “5-paragraph” essay format (you may have more than 5 paragraphs).
See “Paper Template & Tips” document on iCollege for additional help:
First Paragraph: Introduction
• introduce your topic and provide brief overview
• identify a clear and specific purpose of the paper
• provide a roadmap for the paper & a clear thesis statement
Body Paragraphs: Body Paragraphs (at least 3, but you may have more than 3)
• use 1 body paragraph for each concept/topic
• use relevant examples to illustrate concepts and support main idea
Last Paragraph: Conclusion
• restate your thesis statement
• briefly summarize main points, synthesize your thoughts
• offer insights or a lasting impression on the reader
✓ Must use Microsoft Word (available for free download through GSU). Only .doc or .docx files are permitted
✓ Papers will NOT be accepted via e-mail or hard copy. This assignment must be submitted on iCollege. Go
to the “Papers” folder and Click on the appropriate link to submit your paper. The deadline is Friday, May
1, 2020 at 11:59 PM.
✓ Papers that are submitted 1 minute to 24 hours past the deadline will incur a penalty of 10% off (-5 points)
✓ Papers that are submitted 24 – 48 hours past the deadline will incur a penalty of 25% off (-12.5 points)
✓ No papers will be accepted after 48 hours past the deadline. No exceptions.
✓ Do not submit your first draft! Make sure to proofread and edit! (I recommend Grammarly)
✓ Please don’t hesitate to email, visit office hours, or make an appointment with me. I’m happy to help!
GRADING RUBRIC: This rubric will be used to grade your paper (50 points)
Not Acceptable Acceptable Good Excellent
Grammar &
(points will also be
subtracted from this
category if the paper
does not meet the
basic requirements)
Grammatical errors
or spelling &
substantially detract
from the paper.
A Few grammatical,
spelling or
punctuation errors
interfere with reading
the paper.
Grammatical, spelling
& punctuation errors
are rare and do not
detract from the paper.
The paper is virtually
free of grammatical,
spelling & punctuation
(1) (2-3) (4) (5)
of Knowledge
The paper does not
demonstrate that the
author has fully
understood and applied
concepts learned in the
The paper demonstrates that
the author, to a certain
extent, understands and has
applied concepts learned in
the course.
The paper demonstrates that
the author, for the most part,
understands and has applied
concepts learned in the
course. Some of the
conclusions, however, are
not supported in the body of
the paper.
The paper demonstrates that
the author fully understands
and has applied concepts
learned in the course. Concepts
are integrated into the writer’s
own insights. The writer
provides concluding remarks
that show analysis and
synthesis of ideas.
(0-8) (9-11) (12-13) (15)
and Flow
Paper is very poorly
organized and difficult to
read. Paper does not flow
and appears to be created
from disparate issues.
Writing does not
understanding any
Paper is minimally
organized. Some areas may
not flow logically.
Disjointedness is apparent.
Author’s writing does not
demonstrate an
understanding of the
relationship among material
obtained from all sources.
Paper is generally well
organized, and most of the
argument is easy to follow.
Paper flows with only some
disjointedness. Author’s
writing demonstrates an
understanding of the
relationship among material
obtained from all sources.
Paper is coherently organized
and the logic is easy to follow.
Author’s writing demonstrates
an understanding of the
relationship among material
obtained from all sources.
(0-5) (6-7) (8-9) (10)
Introduction No introduction
paragraph OR paragraph
does not adequately
introduce topic or focus
of paper. Lacks adequate
thesis statement.
Conveys topic, but does not
introduce key focus of
paper. Describes main idea
generally. General thesis
Clear introduction of topic
and key focus of paper.
Clearly delineates main
ideas. Clear thesis
Strong, interesting introduction
of topic focus of paper and
relevant terms. Clearly
delineates main ideas. Specific
thesis statement.
(0-5) (6-7) (8-9) (10)
Conclusion No conclusion section
OR summary of main
points is very vague
Conclusion summarizes
main points of the paper
Conclusion clearly restates
the thesis and summarizes
supporting points
Conclusion clearly restates the
thesis statement, summarizes
supporting points, &
incorporates insights

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