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At some point during the course, you were to have attended a live performance of a musical theatre work and write a critique focusing on the five elements of a musical (as explained in the Introduction of Kenrick’s book). Since no live performances are taking place, we need to adjust the expectations and execution of this assignment. Instead, you will view a previously recorded musical, and write a critique. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words, and should reflect your opinion on how the production conveyed the five elements of a musical.
Papers must be submitted to this page on CelticOnline by Sunday, May 3rd at Noon.
Attached is a list of suggested movie musicals, but there are also many shows being offered free of charge right now. Many streaming platforms have some of these (and others), so check Netflix, AmazonPrine, Comcast or Verizon. You can also try the following links to find a show you wish to review:


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